down syndrome sri lanka
Caring community for people with Down Syndrome
down syndrome sri lanka

He is a product of Thurstan College, Colombo 03. He believes that the education and leadership he has acquired from the college has made him to adjust to any competitive environment at any workplace.

He had his tertiary education at School of Agriculture, Faculty of law University of Colombo (External 1976,fist year) University of Katubedda and Open University of Sri Lanka. His ambition was to become a doctor ,nevertheless he is happy that he had the opportunity to serve the people and the youth and under previlage communities in the country by working for many organizations .He is still continuing to serve the youths and contributing in many ways to serve the deserving sector and finally the world as a whole through GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL YOUTH EDUCATION FOUNDATION (GEYEF)/ JINENDHI RESOURCE CENTRE FOR DOWN SYNDROME (JRCFDS).

He has worked as an Extension Officer (advisory), experimental Officer (Department of Rubber Chemistry) at the Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka (RRISL).

Redd Barna – Norwegian international Organization managing community development projects. He had the opportunity initiate two project one in Hagarapitiya Laxapana valley in the Nuwara Eliya district. The Model Research and Agriculture Training center in Nuwara Eliya District was one of his projects established to serve the farmer communities in the area. Later this was turned into a Youth Services centre.

Mr.Galgamuwa rejoined the Government services in the Year 1987 as the Director foreign affairs, National Youth Services Council – Ministry of Youth Affaires and Sports Sri Lanka.

He served the country as a Commission officer in the Sri Lankan Volunteer Navy. He has served the motherland and contributed to to end the long standing war. He has served in Northern area in the Naval Bases and in the sea.

Glimpses of available photographs shows the success and wealth of experiences in the 34 years of noble services.

Redd Barna – Novegian International Non Governmental Organization (INGO)
Working with People and for the People –Hagarapitaiaya Laxapana in the Nuwaraeliya district , Laxapana valley .He implemented many community development , income generating ventures , environmental conservation programs , health and sanitation programs for the people in this laxapana Valley. The soil conservation project was one of the unique project to minimize the soil erosion in the valley. This is important for the whole of Sri Lanka as it is the catchment area in the hilly region . This was one of his own vision. Unique service for the nation.
Mr. Galgamuwa addressing the Dairy Famer families at Kothalana , Laxapana Valley in the Nuwara eliya district and working with people in the soil conservation project.

Inauguration ceremony of Model Research and Farmer Training Centre.

In the year 1981 Mr.Galgamuwa assumed duties to start a community development project in the Haguranketha electorate . He mange to acquire a 5 Acre abundant Government land to establish a sustainable project.

Initially 40 people from the area were taken to clear the 5 area land . After clearing the site , he wanted to select the 5 poorest of the poor among the 40 workers. He requested the 40 people to select the deserving 5 among the 40.He allowed them to discuss . Day by day there was a drop out and after 6 days 5 were left .This was a fine strategy implemented to select the poorest of the poor among them self.

In a very short period Model plots were established. Dairy unite with two cows also build for training purpose. He coordinated the relevant government officials and with their support established the Model plots and conducted training programs for the farmers.

Mr.Galgamuwa invited the Member of Parliament of the Haguranketha electorate for the inauguration of the centre with the people of the electorate.
Following Model training plots were established.
  1. Miner Export crops- Nursery -Generated income for the center.
  2. Miner export crops one acre plot with intercropping
  3. Model dairy unite with 2 Cows –training propose – Biogas unite.
  4. Model vegetable plots and nurseries.
  5. Established a half an acre community forest and also planted many fruit plants such as mangoes, citrus avocado ets.
  6. Government subsidies were also taken to established the training Centre.
  7. Many plants were distributed to the famers and also established many nurseries in villages as an extension program

He wanted to educate the farmers as well as to make them understand the value of knowledge and training for their day to day life to earn a . fair income and finally to leads a descent happy family life,. Initially for training Mr. Galgamuwa paid days payment for all the participants and food also served. Gradually stop giving food and the days payment.Once the people knew that the training is important people paid Rs. 10 and participated. Tea was served free of charge. But Registration fee Rs.10 was charged. The unique feature was that Rs. 10 was deposited to the respective farmers account. This was also a training to learn the important of savings.

It was a viable sustainable project. Later Mr.Galgamuwa had to rejoined the Navy and later Redd Barna started a Child care programme at the Centre . The Redd Barna was closed down its projects in Sri Lanka. Later this was acquired by the NYSC during his office as the director central province.

Any way Mr. Galgamuwa is happy as it is still utilizing for some worthy course and a sustainable program.

As a commission Officer S/Lieutenant –Sri Lanka Volunteer Navy (VNF)

He Served the mother land in the year 1983 – great contribution to end the war .He has served in the Naval bases Colombo, Trincommalee and in Karanagar Jaffna. Served in the northern Sea in the Commissioned ship EDITHRA .Later the LTTE attached this commission ship EDITHAR . Now the remnants are displaced at the Naval Museum at the Naval base Trincomalee. S/Lieutenant now Rear Admiral R. Wijegunawardana was one of his colleague in the commissioned ship. Lt Commander now Rear Admiral {Ret.} T. Sundaram was the commander of the ship. Forty sailors and few leading seaman’s petty officers were also served in the ship.

In the group photograph (Lieutenant Thisara .S.G. Samarasinghe (1993) training commander became the Sri Lankn navy Commander Admiral Thisera Samarasinghe.

Mr.Galgamuwa take this opportunity to Mentioned that his batch mate and good friend Lieutenant Cedric D. Martens tine one of the best officers and known to everybody as a great Diver and a shooter , smart brave officer gave his life to the nation died in action. Seated in the right side corner and Galgamuwa seated in the left corner . Middle was the training commander Lieutenant Thisera. S. .A. Samarasinghe ( later became the Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy . Seated in the middle Commander G.D.A.Weerasekara (Commandant)

Director Foreign affairs – National Youth Services Council – Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports 1987 onwards.

In the year 1987 just after Mr. Galgamuwa assumed duties as the Assistant Director Foreign affairs a workshop was organized, Commonwealth Youth Program and the National Youth Services Council sponsored the workshop . Regional workshop to introduce a Distance Education course in youth affairs.

Director General / Secretary to the national youth council, Ministry of Youth affaires Mr. Charitha Rathwatte , Additional secretary Mr. Lalith Weeratunga ( Present Secretary to the President ), team leader of the Bangladesh Youth ministry were at the head table. This workshop finally decided and planned to introduce a Diploma course in Youth affaires. Mr. Galgamuwa monitored the program with Bangladesh team and finally after 4 months the course was introduced to offices in the Ministry of Youth Affaires and for others involved in youth affaires. Mr. Galgamuwa translated the course materials into local language and implemented the program in Sinhala in Sri Lanka .28 Candidates successfully followed the program and the Diploma was awarded. The Certificate was issued by the Regional center Commonwealth Youth program , Chandrika center . Similarly the other member countries also implemented the course. The Same program developed and later the program was taken by the Open University of Sri Lankan . Mr. Galgamuwa’s contribution to a sustainable youth program.


One month invitation from government of Japan for the Ministers of Youth Affairs in the world.1988. Government of Japan invited the Hon. Minister Mr. Ranil Wichramasingha to attend a conference in Japan in connection with the Ship for the world Youth program. Hon Minister, Deputy minister and the Secretary were not able to attend this conference due to the busy scheduled. The Secretary Mr. Charitha Rathwatte nominated me to attend this conference on behalf of the Minster of Youth Affairs and Sports. I attended and represented the country with two of my staff members. I participated in the major event requesting to send the Ship for the world youth to Sri Lanka. I had the opportunity to visit few prefectures. I managed to exchange souvenir of NYSC with the distinguish delegates and with the Governors, executives in prefectures.

During this visit I managed to visit the OISCA Agricultural training centre in Fukuka to meet the management and the Sri Lankan youths studying in the centre. This is a unique Agriculture training centre specialized in organic Agriculture. The trainees from the different countries learn the method of organic farming based on the official slandered set by the Japanese Government. The Participants or the graduates are expected to return to their own countries or communities and help the others to promote organic farming. The NYSC annually send few youths to this centre. I visited the centre to strengthen the relationship with the OISKA-Japan ‘ The Secretary entrusted another task. That is to meet the Chairman of the Volleyball Federation and request to cut down the arrears of subscription payment that was prevailing for the last few years. I met Mr. Matsuduara with the secretary of Sri Lanka embassy in Japan and managed to negotiate successfully and got a reasonable reduction. It was a one month tour and met many ministers and officials of many countries.

The officials of the United States Embassy in Sri Lanka with the America Peace Corps Director visited the National Youth Services Council in the year 1989. Mr. Galgamuwa with other officials had a fruitful discussion with them to implement a few programmes with the assistance of the U S Embassy.

Mr.Galgamuwa under the direction of the Director General Mr.Charitha Rathwatte successfully handle the event. As a results of this event one Mr. David Conklin was assigned to work with Mr.Galgamuwa. The Director Mr.Paul D. Cover dell has sent a letter of appreciation to Mr. Galgamuwa.

Mr. Galgamuwa Receives the officials of the US embassy. Mr.Galgamuwa introducing the Director technical Mr. Ekanayake to the Visitors

Signing the agreements with Korean Youth Ministry

Youth exchange and Korean youth volunteer program – The Director General Mr. Charitha Rathwatte has delegated the above responsibility to Mr.Galgamuwa. He prepared the agreement papers and two parties signed the agreement. The NYSC implemented many exchange programs as well as host 25 volunteers and mobilized them in districts. Mr. Galgamuwa successfully implemented the program.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON YOUTH- “ A Caring Community for Young People “ – Organized by The HONG KONG COUNCIL OF SOCIAL SERVICE 4th to 9th December 1989.

280 delegates from 70 countries and Regional youth organizations Participated in this Conference. Each organizations submitted Papers on youth affairs and strategies to address the 19th century youth. Out of all papers 5 were selected for the head table. Mr. Galgamuwas paper was one among the five . He had the opportunity to address the audience and had the opportunity to place the Sri Lanka as the prominent leader in youth services. He was given and exhibition stall and also had the opportunity to conduct a work shop during the conference period. This is Mr.Galgamuwa’s Dedication and leadership shown even internationally.

Glimpses of the 4 days successful conference

Caring Community for Young Offenders

Hong Kong - year 1989 - Discussions with the Chief Prison Superintendent

Mr Galgamuwa had chance to meet the he Prison Superintendent and Official of the Prison in Hong Kong and to visit the Prison. This happened in 1989. Though he was not able to implement anything in Sri Lanka immediately, he had a chance to introduce a programme for the young offenders in the Kandy Prison in 2001. He, as the Director of the Central Province NYSC met the Commissioner General of Prison in Sri Lanka and proposed a project for the young offenders. He named it as the Caring Community for Young Offenders”.

NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CONCIL (Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports) With the Assistance of GOLD MEIR MASHAV CARMEL INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER - MCTC - Agency for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ISRAEL - 6th to 23rd November 1990

A unique programme: Mr Galgamuwa as the Deputy Director, Foreign Affairs, under the guidance of the Director Mr Baladewa Mediwaka and Director General National Youth Services Council ( NYSC/), Secretary to the Ministry of Youth Affaires, Mr J. Charitha Ratwatte, organized the above workshop.

Twenty senior youth Service officers and district youth officers participated in this unique course. They were trained to implement similar programmes for youth in their districts. Mrs BilhaCohen and Mr Guiitermel from the GMI participated as resource personal. The participants themselves involved in all the stages, starting from establishing a business, identifying a market product, studying the competitors’ market strategies, maintaining accounts, as well as manufacturing and marketing a product.

This had appeared in the Israel News Journal. The photograph has me in the middle along with Mr J Charitha Ratwatte (last government Senior adviser to the Prime Minister), Deputy Director, Mr Sampayo and officials of Gold Mayer Institution, Israel.

Mr. Galgamuwa’s work experience at the Norwegian INGO Redd Barna as the Project Coordinator has helped him to make it a successful sustainable programme. Later the Israel Agency invited Mr J. C. Ratwatte and Mr. Galgamuwa to visit this unique Training Center in Israel.


Mr. Galgamuwa (DG. GEYEF / Director JRCFDS) received another prestigious award “Social Development Heroism Award” for his life time service to the nation on the National Heroes Day in Sri Lanka. Ceremony was held at the BCIS OLYMPUS DIPLOMATIC AUDITORIUM, Bandaranayaka Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) Colombo 7.


Mr. Galgamuwa joined the Rotary international, Kandy Club in the early 90s and was the President Elect in 2O19/2020. He has been recognised as PAUL HARRIS FELLOW since 2001.

Some of his active engagements are as follows:
Mr. Galgamuwa’s daughter with Down Syndrome was always with him in many activities. His priority is for his daughter with Down Syndrome, Jinendhi, especially to give her opportunities to socialise.

Some events in brief are as follows:
He has visited a few Rotary clubs in USA , India, Thailand.

1. Thailand Memories. 2016. 20/11/2016. Visited the Rotary club in Thailand. It was a Luncheon meeting at Hotel Hyatt Erawan. Met new friends. First and oldest Rotary club in Thailand. Exchange the flags and address the audience.
2. Visited to ROTARY CLUBS in Kansas, USA 2016 – Visited 4 Rotary clubs in USA. Exchange the flags and had friendly discussions.
Sustainable Development Diplomacy Governor - HONORARY PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS (AUGUST 2018)

‘SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT DIPLOMACY GOVERNOR’ High Level Honorary Title and Prestigious Award —United Nation SDGs. This award was officially awarded to Mr Gamimi Galgamuwa on the 25th August 2018 at the Ceremony of International Youth Day focused on ‘ Sustainable Development Goals’ of the United Nations held at the BMICH in his absence. Today this was presented to him at the BMICH Global village Ceremony held at BMICH, Colombo on 30 December, 2018- Miss Linda Rose Beauty Queen of Europe presented it to PHF Gamini Galgamuwa.

United Nations GCAP AND UN SDG Summit New York (17th - 23rd September 2023)

The Global People’s Assembly 2023 on 17- 18 September at UN Plaza in New York – at the UN SDG Summit and the UN General Assembly. It brings people’s representatives together and creates a strong voice at the SDG Summit for the midpoint of Agenda 2030. (SDGs 8th Anniversary 2015:2023). SUNFO -GCAP SL partnering and our key delegate in person is SUNFO Sustainable Diplomacy Governor PHF G.A.W. Gamini Galgamuwa Silver SFSUNFO. United Nations Assistant Secretary General H.E. Ulrika Modeer and world main organizational heads and Society leaders were present at the Assembly.

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