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down syndrome sri lanka

Why International Links / Relationships?

We cannot work alone as we need to exchange experiences, new developments and medical research findings which need to be utilized in promoting the cause of the Sri Lankan Down Syndrome Community and shared with other organisations, government departments, and universities that work for people with Down Syndrome.

JINENDHI RESOURCE CENTRE FOR DOWN SYNDROME (JRCFDS), a non profit organization established in Sri Lanka in 1995 to exclusively serve the people with Down Syndrome is the country’s pioneer in the field. Since then, it has served the people with DS in Sri Lanka and built links with similar organizations across the world, as there was no organization or group of professionals to address the issues of People with Down Syndrome.

International Links

The first organization we contacted was Down Syndrome Association, UK in 1993. They sent us a collection of books and research papers in 1993. In the early 90s since there were no emails, it was all done by posting letters and receiving parcels by post. Thereafter, we established relationships with Down Syndrome International,London. We are with them. Long standing relationship.

Some of the organisations with us since 1996 are as follows.

  1. London Down Syndrome Association. 
  2. Down Syndrome International.
  3. Global Down Syndrome Foundation.
  4. Asia- Pacific Syndrome Federation – (21 Countries are with APDSF).
  5. Canada Down Syndrome Association. 

Asia Pacific Down Syndrome Federation

AGM – APDSF – 2016 – Singapore

First AGM 2016 – APDSF – 2nd to 4th December 2016 in Singapore at Grand Mecure Hotel.

First day was a visit to ENABLING VILLAGE www.enablingvillage.sg – Its a multi service centre enhancing employment and training opportunities for any Person with disabilities. In this unique super market 1/3 of the workers were people with DS. There after visited the Enabling training centre.
25 delegates from 12 countries participated.

AGM – APDSF – 2018 – Sri Lanka

Initiated by India and Singapore, sixteen Asia Pacific countries jointly formed the Asia Pacific Down Syndrome Federation (APDSF). The General meeting held in Singapore in 2017 marked the inauguration of the Federation. Thereafter, we meet annually in one of the member countries. In 2018 the AGM was held in Sri Lanka at the Hotel Taj Samudra, Colombo 02.

AGM – APDSF – 2019 – Dubai

Event was happend in December 2019. Unique experience in Dubai. Two day conference – at the Hotel Shangri-La in Dubai. (members from 15 countries participated)

APDSF – in Dubai, New experience – After the AGM and other activities the UAE Down Syndrome association exposed us to a unique experience at the Historic Village and Global village in Dubai. Exchange of views and work shop with children with DS. Really a wonderful historic event.

AGM – APDSF – 2022 – India

The AGM of ASIA PACIFIC DOWN SYNDROME FEDERATION 2022 was held for the 5 th consecutive time at the ITC Grand Chola hotel in Chennai, India. (2nd to 4 th December 2022). 15 member countries participated. We exchanged our experiences and medical researchers new finding etc. It was an informative and useful conference. In general we need to improve the quality of life of Children and people with Down Syndrome.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – APDSF – 2023 – (October 25th – 28th) – KATHMANDU – NEPAL

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Asia Pacific Down Syndrome Federation took place in Kathmanudu, Nepal, for the 6th consecutive time. Dr. K. G. Dayaratne and family were among the attendees. They represented JRCFDS Sri Lanka. Dr Dayaratne is also in the APDSF medical committee.
The event featured extensive discussions on numerous research papers and emerging medical topics. Notably, the Australian DSA introduced an Electronic Medical Passport, while the intricate genetic underpinnings of Down syndrome were thoroughly explored during the meeting. The participation of representatives from 20 member countries underscored the global significance of the gathering.

Other Countries

Step up walk - Maryland USA-30/09/2023
We have visited the DS Associations in the USA in 2014 and Thailand in 2017 in order to exchange experiences and acquire more information.

JINENDHI was a special guest at the ‘step up walk for Children /People with Down Syndrome organized by the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Down Syndrome Advocacy Group in Frederick City / Maryland.US. We learnt about many great projects and programs they do for the well-being of the People with Down Syndrome. Many fun activities were there to participate. Jinendhi enjoyed the day with her nieces Methuli and Neheli 30/09/2023.

Thailand - 2016

2016 Visited to Thailand.
Visited the Acorns to Oaks Children’s Centre – A Learning Centre with a difference, Bangkok Thailand Learn and exchange views. This centre is linked with “Jinendhi Resource Centre for Down Syndrome” We promised to send Professionals such as Speech Pathologist from Samvaad Institute of Speech and Hearing Bangalore.

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