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down syndrome sri lanka

World Down Syndrome Celebration - 2019

JINENDHI RESOURCE CENTRE FOR DOWN SYNDROME as the National organization in Sri Lanka joined the World Down Syndrome day 2019 Medical Camp and Art Exhibition organized by the Rotaracters of the Universities. In general the event was well organized. JRCFDS joined with our following resource personnel.

  1. We managed the final stage of the Medical camp.
  2. Our Resource personnel were
    Dr K.G Dayarathna – Consultant Radiologist Matale GH – Medical Committee member of Asia Pacific Down Syndrom Federation-Singapore .
    Lt . Dr Dimuthu Pasqual Navy – Clinical Psychologist
    Dr Sumali Karunarathna – Audiology and Speech Language Pathologist. (India)
  3. A Medical Record books on Medical Management were handed over to all Children with DS.
  4. Requested the Retractors to hand over all the arts papers for us to send to Deep Down Art Competition in Europe.

    We noticed that 99 % of the participants were from underprivileged families and from Charity Homes . Need follow up programs.My daughter
    Jinendhi also participated .
    Venue: Thurstan College, Colombo 3.
    Date – 30th March 2019
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